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Thousands of people around the world have been successfully treated using this therapy. The treatment is safe and effective
for people of all ages, including infants, children and the elderly.
What is Colitis?
Colitis is inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. The inflammation and ulcers usually occur in the rectum and lower part of the colon, but they may affect the entire colon.
The exact cause of colitis is unknown, but people with this condition usually present with immune system abnormalities . Stress definitely makes the symptoms worse and often colitis is triggered by food allergies or intolerances.
Colitis can come about at any age and it affects men and women alike.
The symptoms can vary in severity and may start slowly or suddenly. Some people only have mild symptoms while others have more severe attacks that occur more often. The ones that experience the intense symptoms associated with ulcerative colitis often find it prevents them from living life to the fullest to say the least.
The most common symptoms may include
  • Pain in the abdomen and cramping
  • Blood and or pus in the stools
  • Diarrhoea with urgency
  • Feeling that you need to pass stools, even though your bowels are already empty.
  • It may involve straining, pain, and cramping (tenesmus).
  • Weight loss

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How can Allergy Field help?
Treatment involves pharmaceutical drugs mainly corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory agents in conjunction with symptomatic treatment with antidiarrhoeal agents and rehydration. Surgery is contemplated when medical treatment is unsatisfactory.

Pharmaceutical drugs can often cause side effects and take some time to take effect. There are always risks associated with surgery and whilst it can help, it often doesn’t cure.

I am here to share with you my experience with treating the symptoms associated with colitis. I have found throughout the years that people that I see in my clinic with ulcerative colitis all have many food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances. Many times the symptoms start after a stressful period in their lives, or after an illness (such as a virus or bacteria that infiltrated the immune system).

Ulcerative colitis sufferers want to see results and fast as the symptoms often impede their lifestyle. It can be extremely frustrating if they have to be house bound due to severe diarrhoea or if they can’t keep their job or exercise like they used to.
Every colitis patient I have seen has experienced a massive improvement after 2-3 treatments. Many are off their medications, as they are doing so well they don’t require them any more.

I am very passionate about what I do and my aim is to improve people’s quality of life. I am here to answer any questions you might have and I hope you take the time to read the testimonials as you can then see how people just like you benefitted from my treatment.
I urge you to find out more about what I do and how it can help you feel better.

About me
Tomaya is passionate about supporting people to improve their health and overcome their allergies and food intolerances. She is a qualified Acupuncturist with a Bachelor of Health Science and a certified practitioner of IPEC.
She discovered IPEC while trying to get relief for her own allergies. Experiencing the benefits of the technique, she decided to become an IPEC therapist and since embarking on this journey, she has successfully treated hundreds of patients.

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