Allergy Field can help minimize your symptoms without the need for an elimination diet. You will notice a difference in your health without changing your diet or lifestyle.
Let me explain a bit about what Allergy Field, NAET and IPEC – Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing is all about.

NAET and IPEC use muscle testing in order to communicate directly with the body. Once a weakness, blockage, imbalance or sensitivity has been balanced and cleared, you will notice an improvement with the associated symptoms.
Primarily, IPEC is used to treat allergies. Most allergens only require one treatment to be cleared from the body. Depending on the severity of the allergy, often more than one allergy can be cleared in one treatment.

IPEC is also extremely beneficial for any emotional imbalances and psychosomatic symptoms. By using muscle testing to evaluate negative thought patterns and emotions we can identify emotional blocks. These blockages can manifest as a whole range of emotions, including fears, anxieties, insomnia, anger, depression, low self esteem etc.