What Is Your True Calling

Our True Calling – Is There Such A Thing?

Ever since I was a little girl I liked playing doctors and nurses.

Didn’t we all?
I was sure I was going to be a doctor or a ballerina or both since I was 4.
I’ve always been drawn to helping others and I’ve always put others needs above mine (truly working on changing that last one, but that’s another story). Read more

Follow Your Dreams

“I used to take it to heart if others didn’t believe in my dream as much as I did, but then I realised it only made me more strong willed to prove to them that it was possible to combine my love for helping others and travel.”

   *    *    *

I think dreams are there to be shared, right?

I so often get inspired by other people’s visions and dreams and I find that I don’t share mine. Read more

remote healing from nicaragua

An update from Nicaragua

It’s morning time and I’m sitting outside listening to the bird life and watching the little waves formed by the wind on lake Nicaragua.

I’ve already done two remote healing sessions this morning and I’m so grateful for this life that I’ve created that allows me to combine my two loves: helping people achieve better health and traveling. Read more

distant healing

What is Distant Healing?

distant healingDistant healing is a concept that is becoming more widely known and accepted.
It is also called remote healing or absent healing or long distance healing. Read more

The connection between autoimmune diseases and allergies

autoimmune_diseaseAutoimmune disease is when the body’s immune system targets and attacks its own tissues in the same way that it would normally respond when an infection is present. Read more