If you don’t live nearby the clinic, or your busy lifestyle makes it hard to physically ‘show up’ for an appointment, I can still make a difference to your health and alleviate any symptoms caused by allergies or sensitivities.

Distance Healing Benefits

The benefits of online consultations include:

  • You save money and time by not having to travel.
  • Online consultation costs much less than a clinic visit.
  • You may live in a remote area where IPEC treatment is inaccessible.
  • Existing clients who may have moved interstate or overseas may continue their treatment.

These remote healing treatments are very effective, even though being done from far. Ultimately, this is an energetic treatment. It is identical to the treatment done in the clinic, only you are not physically present in the clinic at the time of the treatment. You can decide where and when, what allergy to treat and in what order. You’ll be notified what to avoid before and after each long distance healing treatment.

How does Distant Healing Work?

This technique focuses on treating the patient’s energetic body and not the physical, which is why long distance healing works as well as treating you at the clinic. Once the blockages have been cleared from the energetic body, an improvement in the physical body will soon follow. More often than not, the improvement is noticeable within 2-3 days after the distant healing took place and on some occasions, people notice a change for the better straight away or within a day.

How Many Distant Healing Treatments Are Required?

The number of treatments required depends on the number of allergies that are contributing to the condition.
You can have treatments done at a pace that suits you. Improvement will be seen as we progress with the treatments. Most patients experience a noticeable change within the first few treatments.

Remote Healing for People and Pets Worldwide

This form of treatment has been growing in popularity, and even though the clinic is based in Australia, we now have patients from New Zealand, The States, Canada, Italy, England, Sweden and Israel. This treatment allows me to make a difference to people’s health, regardless of where they live and how busy their schedule might be.
Allergy Field is also beneficial for animals, so if your pet has allergies, I may be able to help.

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