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Histamine fulfills many important functions in the human body. It is produced by the body and can also be obtained through food.

Histamine is stored and can be released from nerve cells and mast cells.

An excess of histamine can lead to many symptoms. It is important to reduce excess histamine if it builds up in the body. The enzyme Diamine oxidase (DAO) and histamine-N-methyltransferase (HNMT) help break down histamine.

Which enzyme is used depends on where the histamine is stored in the body. 

If these enzymes are not available in sufficient quantities or are not working effectively, symptoms of histamine intolerance are often present.

Excessive histamine can also be caused by over consumption of histamine in several ways:

  • Foods that are high in histamine
  • Foods that contain substances very similar to histamine. Foods that fall under this category are biogenic amines such as cheese, sausage, fermented vegetables and wine.

Foods that affect the release of histamines in cells. Food included in this group are histamine liberators such as citrus, peanuts, fish, shellfish and egg whites.

  • DAO and HNMT-blocking substances such as alcohol and and many prescription drugs.

Medications that can affect the way the body metabolises histamine include antibiotics, antidepressants, gastrointestinal medicines, antihypertensives (which treat high blood pressure), muscle relaxants, narcotics, local anesthetics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Intestinal inflammation can also lead to insufficient production of DAO which causes histamine intolerance.

Histamine intolerance symptoms

A histamine intolerance can cause symptoms immediately after eating the food or may develop a few hours later.

Symptoms often include itchy skin, rashes, nausea, loose stools, stomach pains, gas, low blood pressure, runny or blocked nose, headaches, migraines or fatigue. 

There are many treatment options for histamine intolerance:

1. Avoid all foods contributing to histamine production or release of histamine

You should not eat any food that can raise your histamine level until you are symptom-free. 

It can generally be said that food items that undergo a prolonged aging process or fermentation are especially rich in histamines. 

Histamine-rich foods

These are examples of foods that are rich in histamine or promote histamine release:

  • Alcoholic beverages, particularly champagne, red wine, and wheat beer.
  • Cheese, especially hard cheeses and aged cheeses such as Parmesan, Emmental, Gouda.
  • Camembert and Brie.
  • Cocoa and cocoa products, such as chocolate.
  • Salami
  • Nuts, particularly cashews or walnuts
  • Tomatoes
  • Citrus fruit, strawberries, pears, bananas, pineapple, kiwi, and bananas
  • Legumes
  • Sauerkraut
  • Spinach
  • Vinegar
  • Fish and seafood.

As mentioned before, some medications can block DAO or act as histamine liberators.

2. Identifying the individual tolerance level

Each person has a different tolerance level to histamine. The performance of DAO and HNMT will also affect how much histamine can actually be broken down.

After your symptoms improve, you can begin by having small amounts of histamine and keep a daily log that will allow you to identify how much you can have without having any symptoms. 

3. Taking natural supplement that suppress histamine production

Nettle leaf is a natural antihistamine that naturally blocks histamine production.

Numerous studies have shown that an intake of Vitamin C as a supplement can reduce the symptoms of histamine intolerance.

Quercetin, a plant pigment found in many proclaimed superfoods, has been shown to be an effective supplement for histamine intolerance by directly blocking the release of histamine from mast cells. 

4. Intestival Rehabilitation

An insufficient amount of DAO may be produced if intestinal inflammation is present.

In the event of a bacterial imbalance in the intestines a disproportionate amount of histamine could be released which can lead to an increase in the histamine levels and consequently to an excess of histamine. 

Even if you have tried everything to avoid histamine-rich foods and drinks, your symptoms may not have improved.

It is possible that the cause is not limited to histamine intolerance. Another possible cause could be an IgG food product.

An allergy, imbalance of hormones or chronic virus infection could affect histamine levels. 

Allergy Field offers testing and treatment for food sensitivities and allergies and can check what is affecting your histamine levels. 

If you’ve tried reducing histamines in your diet, but noticed no improvement, please get in touch and receive your FREE online consultation to help you uncover the causes of your elevated histamine levels.


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Lauren, Washington state, USA

Tomaya's method of healing has produced amazing results. I was having debilitating reactions to a variety of foods at almost every meal before working with Tomaya. Since Tomaya's treatments, I have been able to enjoy foods containing salicylates, amines, and dairy again, with no reaction. I experienced significant improvement after the first session. Her approach is gentle, yet effective. I am grateful that I found her!   Lauren, Washington state, USA

Deb, Gold Coast

Hi Tomaya, you treated my little girl many years ago for allergies and asthma. She only needed the one treatment for salicylates and she has been free of issues since, so thank you!


Deb, Gold Coast

Mor Stern, Israel

There is no other way to describe this other than Magic. At first, I couldn't get myself to believe that distant healing can work, but apparently it's worth trying new things. Before I started these treatments, I had a sensitive bowel. I had symptoms like bloating, heaviness and stomach pain after eating and after just 3 treatments, I'm feeling significantly better. The bloating has gone down, the heaviness is barely there and the stomach pains are a lot better. I have been treated for salicylates and Tomaya also worked on my digestive system. I strongly recommend to keep an open mind and try this therapy.


Mor Stern, Israel

Ms Susan C., Brisbane

After avoiding dairy for years, I now have the occasional splurge and don’t need to be looking for the nearest toilets. Thank you.


Ms Susan C., Brisbane

Hagar Oz, Rehovot, Israel

My physical and emotional health have improved dramatically since you started treating me. I have been suffering from Colitis and its not very pleasant associated symptoms. The treatments from far totally work! My problems are disappearing and I know this is a journey and there is a lot to treat, but I’m filled with excitement at the possibility of healing entirely. I can’t recommend you enough! Thank you!!!


Hagar Oz, Rehovot, Israel

Quentin Burr, Brisbane

Having had a major flare up of ulcerative colitis in Aug 2015, which resulted in 12 days in hospital and 2.5 months of some very strong conventional drugs (Oral and infusion) I was only progressing very slowly.My specialist was strongly suggesting removal of the large intestine, so I looked for alternatives. We remembered having had great success with treating my son's eczema with Tomaya from Allergy Field. After the first treatment I noticed a significant improvement in symptoms and it got even better after the second treatment. This was backed by having had two sigmoidoscopys (Either side of Tomaya's treatment). The specialist stated after the first one there was " serious ulcerative colitis" and one month after, second test "mild inflammation, no signs of ulcers or bleeding". Between the scopes I had two treatments with Tomaya and I believe this has had a huge effect on my symptoms. Thank you!!


Quentin Burr, Brisbane

Pietro Dimascio – UK

Surprised and happy to find I felt greatly improved the following day- despite my being skeptical about the treatment. I haven’t changed anything else in my diet or my environment and 10 days later, I am pretty much symptom free. Thank you.


Pietro Dimascio – UK

Bilambil NSW Australia

My 6 year old son has been complaining of severe stomach pains after eating. We’ve been to several specialists, but they couldn’t find anything. His pains are completely gone after one treatment. Thank you.


Bilambil NSW Australia

H.L Tweed Shire

After avoiding dairy for years, I now have the occasional splurge and don’t need to be looking for the nearest toilets. Thank you.

Ms Susan C., Brisbane

Moran Oresh, Petah Tikva, Israel

My daughter has had severe diarrhea from a very young age. She also gets red spots around her mouth and she throws up occasionally after food. I tried to eliminate what I thought was causing her symptoms, ut didn't have much luck. We had one treatment with Tomaya done via distance 2 months ago and there has been no diarrhea or skin rashes around her mouth since.

Moran Oresh, Petah Tikva, Israel

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