salicylate sensitivity symptoms relief

Most people aren’t aware of what salicylates intolerance symptoms are. The reality is the symptoms can be so broad.

Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to salicylates.

Salicylate Intolerance – Long List of Symptoms

I have treated people with tinnitus, insomnia, rashes, itchy skin, foggy head, recurrent urinary tract infection, asthma, sinus problems, aches and pains and digestive complaints who all had a sensitivity to salicylates.

Does Salicylate Sensitivity Blood Test Recommended?

You can’t really get a blood test for salicylate sensitivity as it is an intolerance and usually the effects of salicylate exposure accumulates in the body.

Trying a Salicylate Free Diet

Some people can get away with having a bit of salicylates when they have a salad with tomato and cucumber for example but when they have berries or avocado on top of the salad, they react.

It is hard to pinpoint whether one’s symptoms are related to salicylate sensitivity or not, but if you suspect you have a salicylate intolerance then you can go on a salicylate free diet and see if you’re symptoms go away.

Since salicylates are in almost everything, it is so hard to go on a salicylate free diet long term which is why I suggest the salicylate sensitivity treatment. After the treatment you will need to minimise exposure to salicylates for 24 hours, but then you could reintroduce them back into your diet without experiencing the symptoms or have them to a much lessened degree.

salicylate sensitivity symptoms relief

” One treatment was sufficient for her to feel that she got her life back. How exciting is that! “

Exciting Study Case

Distant Healing for Salicylate Intolerance

I recently treated a lady from the UK who couldn’t eat out because of her intolerance to salicylates. She booked a cruise and was terrified that she won’t have anything to eat while on it.

She contacted me in desperation and she was willing to try remote distance healing even though she’s never heard of it before.

She would be covered in welts every time she was exposed to salicylates and then they would take a few days to disappear. She was getting the welts on her face as well which made her feel self conscious.

So… Does This Salicylate Sensitivity Treatment Really Work ?

After only one salicylate sensitivity treatment, she was able to slowly introduce salicylates back into her diet and she ended up going on the cruise and ate freely with little hesitation and noticed a massive improvement.

One treatment was sufficient for her to feel that she got her life back. How exciting is that! I love what I do! Especially when people come to see me after they think they have tried everything.

Are You in The Search for Salicylate Intolerance Treatment?

Salicylate intolerance treatment does exist and reading this blog means you have found me. I think the hardest part is to get the right information. Once you know what is causing your symptoms and you know that salicylate sensitivity treatment is available to you no matter where you are in the world – relief from your symptoms has never been closer!

If you’re ready to see a change in your health and you are fed up with your symptoms, then all you need to do is contact me. I am here to help.