Hayfever is a broad term to describe many symptoms that are related to our respiratory system. If you’re suffering from itchy and runny nose, a lot of mucous, sneezing and watery eyes you might be sensitive or allergic to dust or dust mite and it could also be an allergy to pollens or grasses. Some people get these symptoms with specific foods such as sugar, dairy, soy, alcohol and chocolate.
You may experience hayfever all year round or it may be seasonal, You might start sneezing after a meal or just feel it mainly in the morning or night, you might feel it more outdoors or indoors while cleaning. Whatever the trigger is – it can be treated.
Most people notice an improvement within the first few treatments.

Here is what some of my clients experienced after their treatment with me: 

‘I’d like to share with you my experience with this therapy.

Many people doubt natural treatments and their effectiveness. I am the living proof that this works.
Allergies. I have been suffering from them since we moved to the States a few years ago. I was anxious with every weather change as I was dreading the horrible symptoms that came with it.
All of this was before I met Tomaya. I’m overwhelmed with how quickly I saw results. You have been so sensitive, lovely and professional and you adjusted to my needs and lifestyle.
I’m amazed with the results. Three days after the treatment and my allergies are entirely gone!
I usually can’t get much done because I feel so miserable struggling to breathe months on end. I constantly have teary eyes and continuous sneezing with the change of seasons and the list goes on. I now can’t understand where all these symptoms have gone (and NO, I don’t want any of them back thank you very much).
You are a magician.
Thank you so much.’


Sera Hugi, Colorado

‘I have experienced hayfever and allergies all my life. After just a few sessions with you my sneezing reduced by 80%. It’s amazing I can actually breathe easy without reacting to the many allergens that are impossible to avoid. Food intolerances and digestive problems have also been reduced enormously. Thank you Batya so much for your amazing techniques and simple easy methods….they really work!’

Courtney Prosser, Bangalow, NSW, Australia - www.silentnature.com.au

‘ Hi Tomaya I enjoyed receiving yr treatment on Friday it has made me feel clearer , although I still have congestion and phlegm it’s loosened up considerably , my rosacea/red face condition has disappeared which I forgot to tell you was one of the main symptoms & night sweats another symptom I forgot to tell you about, is no way near as bad.
I can smell more my senses pick up a lot more. I truly believe in your treatments.’ 

Tim C. from the Gold Coast

‘My hayfever symptoms are 80% better after just one treatment. I thought the main issue was pollen, but it turns out it was the dog I was allergic to.’ P.H. Gold Coast

‘My wife made the appointment to come and see you and I have to admit I was resistant, but I’m glad I came. I was sneezing all day every day and after you treated my dust and dust mite allergy, I rarely sneeze now and my sinuses are clear. That’s amazing.’ 

A.C Banora point

‘Wheezing and sneezing have literally diminished after one treatment. I’m telling everybody about you.’ 

M.D Elanora

‘I have been suffering from seasonal hayfever for years. After I got treated for different pollens, I don’t sneeze anymore, I don’t get itchy eyes or that foggy feeling in my head. I’m telling everybody who is willing to listen about you!’ 

Cathy R. Burleigh Heads