distant healing

What is Distant Healing?

distant healingDistant healing is a concept that is becoming more widely known and accepted.
It is also called remote healing or absent healing or long distance healing.

When I completed a degree in acupuncture many years ago, I remember the feeling of disappointment my parents had. Not many people knew of Acupuncture back then and I found myself explaining what it is and how it works to family, friends and acquaintances who asked what it is I do for a living. There was a lot of scepticism and I’ve seen more than a couple of eyebrows raised at my choice for a profession.
Sixteen years have passed since then and acupuncture is now covered by private health care in many countries around the world and it’s used in hospitals in some countries.

I feel like I’m on a similar journey these days when I tell people I do mainly distant healing for a living. I studied and investigated many types of healing and learnt that muscle testing or kinesiology can be done from far and we can tap into someone else’s energy and get information on what is going on for them and facilitate healing using several distant healing techniques.

I knew it works, but as most people weren’t open to it, I kept treating people at the clinic and I never tried to do long distance healing.
One day nearly 10 years ago a woman contacted me from the States (I lived in Australia at the time) and said she heard of me and asked if I can help her with a severe allergy she has that forces her to use an oxygen mask.
I replied and said that in theory it should work, but I’ve never done it before and therefore I’d like to treat her for free and see if there’s any change after the treatment.
She did extremely well after one session and for the first time in a long time, she felt physically ok without the use of the oxygen mask.
My career as a distant healer started at that point and people found me mainly through word of mouth.
I have since then done hundreds of remote healing sessions. I have helped children with behavior difficulties, autism, hearing problems, vision problems, autoimmune diseases and allergies.
I often treat babies and children that aren’t even aware that I’m treating them and there is a big improvement, so we can’t even say it’s placebo (as I’m sure some of you are probably thinking right now).

Quantum physics has proved distant healing is possible and I’m so grateful for that as it makes it easier for me to explain what I do and as science is backing it up, I feel like more and more people are opening up to it.

So how does distant healing work if the person isn’t in the same room with me and often not even in the same country?
I’ll explain that and more in my next article.

Tomaya Weiser
Body Connect therapist
Allergy specialist
IPEC practitioner