remote healing from nicaragua

An update from Nicaragua

It’s morning time and I’m sitting outside listening to the bird life and watching the little waves formed by the wind on lake Nicaragua.

I’ve already done two remote healing sessions this morning and I’m so grateful for this life that I’ve created that allows me to combine my two loves: helping people achieve better health and traveling.

When I started offering distance healing sessions nearly 12 years ago, hardly anyone has heard about the concept of remote healing sessions. Quantum physics proving it is possible to affect someone from far has made it easier for me to explain how long distance healing works and due to our busy lifestyle, it is often easier and more time efficient to be treated at the comfort of our own home.

remote healing from nicaragua

Doing remote healing from Nicaragua

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m currently in Nicaragua. Two months ago I spent a month in Guatemala learning Spanish. My lovely Spanish teacher asked me what I do for a living and I explained that I offer distant healing sessions that are extremely beneficial for allergies, autoimmune diseases and other symptoms. The whole conversation was in Spanish by the way, which made me realise how much my Spanish has improved while traveling.

Laura, my teacher, told me that she has a skin reaction when she comes in contact with the sun or when she gets hot or eats fatty foods. Her skin gets so bad that she constantly has to cover up as she doesn’t want people to see it, but also because she doesn’t want it to come in contact with the sun.

My teacher, just like everybody else where I stayed, live a traditional Mayan life and wear their traditional clothes which are absolutely beautiful. Most of them live on $4 a day per household and they cook their meals on an open fire.

I asked Laura if she wanted me to give her a distant healing for her skin, but the idea of me shifting the state of her skin through a remote treatment was hard for her to comprehend.

She decided to give it a go (the treatment was free of charge so she had nothing to lose) and when I asked her how she’s doing a week later, she replied it’s too soon to tell.

Yesterday, a month after tge treatment, she wrote to me saying that her skin is all cleared up and that’s it’s never been this good. She’s been exercising in the sun wearing shorts and a T-shirt and there’s no reaction even though it’s coming into Summer and it’s a lot hotter now than it was a month ago.

She said the remote healing totally changed her life and that she’ll be forever grateful as she didn’t think it was possible for her skin to look so clear and smooth. For those of you who want to practice their Spanish, you’re welcome to have a look at her testimonial on my facebook page.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to introduce people to what I do and seeing the shift in their health when they’re willing to try this technique.

I’ve since encountered people in Honduras and El Salvador with allergies too, so there’s plenty of work for me here and it’s my way to give back to people’s welcoming hospitality.